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Tuition & Deadlines

Sunday, December 10:
Deadline for payment from waitlisted people to hold their spot ($400 domestic/$300 international)

Sunday, March 18:
Early Bird application deadline for all applicants ($400 domestic/$300 international)

Sunday, April 15:
Payment due for Early Bird deadline and flights booked

Sunday, May 6:
Final deadline for all applicants

 Through to May 1:
Cancellation receives 100% refund

May 2 – May 12:
Cancellation receives 50% refund

After May 12:
No refunds given

Ask Alumni

These alumni have volunteered to answer your questions about the BCI experience.

Nicole Wasilus (BCI '14)
Hillel Professional

Shani Hazan (BCI '13)
Art and Production in Israel

Victor Gonzalez (BCI '14)
Student, Guatemala

Dani Blake (BCI '14)
Student, Barnard College

Josh Orol (BCI '14)
Student, UNC Chapel Hill

Diana Abrahams (BCI '14)
Multi-faith and Intern Coordinator


Sample Schedule

Through artistic exploration, dynamic trans-denominational learning, spiritual reflection, and outdoor exploration, BCI provides you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the diversity of Jewish culture, to envision your own Jewish life, and to connect to community.
sched 1 (img)Since, dance, sculpt, write, act, and express yourself through the arts with our gifted professional artists-in-residence as they guide you through a creative process of spiritual and reflective discovery. Plant and harvest in our organic garden, preserve trees, hike new trails, and camp out under the stars. Immerse yourself in discussions about Jewish texts, philosophy, history, culture, and issues of identity, ethics and community with some of the leading thinkers in the Jewish world.
Join other Jewish adults (ages 20-29) from around the world for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Spend your summer exploring the arts, working in nature, and learning Jewish topics interactively while living in a diverse community of other amazing young adults.  What exactly do we do here?  Check out the Sample Schedule below to get a better idea... 

Sample BCI Summer Schedule


569 full Z'man Ruchani (Spiritual Practice)
A time for participants to engage in a form of spiritual practice on a daily basis, be it of a more traditional or innovative variety. The sessions change depending on the interests of the participants themselves. Some typical Z'man Ruchani options include yoga, Jewish "Gospel," guided meditation, early morning nature hikes, Tallit-making workshops and egalitarian prayer services. There are always several Z'man Ruchani options for participants to choose from each morning.


Flag Raising
Avodat Halev (Service of the Heart)




Avodah (Community Service) 
ClaireAvodah (literally, "work") projects emphasize the Jewish value of service and the kibbutz ideal of working the land together, as a community. With over 2,500 acres of land, the Brandeis-Bardin Campus offers many opportunities for BCI participants to learn from and engage with nature. Avodah is one of the ways BCIers can give back, through various projects and work that help develop both the land and support the community. Some typical Avodah projects include maintaining the flower gardens, beautifying the outdoor prayer space we use on Shabbat, light construction work, and exploring the intersection of art and nature through special projects.




689 Beit Midrash (Learning)
Jewish learning like you've never seen it before!
Whether you grew up in a Jewish day school or can't read a word of Hebrew, BCI's daily Jewish learning (Beit Midrash) sessions with leading thinkers and scholars from across the Jewish spectrum will fascinate you and enrich your personal Jewish identity. Immerse yourself in Jewish texts (available in English), discuss the relevance of Kabbalah in modern life, explore the connection between Judaism and the natural world, and more! Jewish learning at BCI will challenge you to consider your own beliefs in an open and engaging environment.
Previous Beit Midrash topics include God, Sexuality, Reward/Punishment, the Holocaust, Jewish History, Social Justice, Death/Mourning, Torah, Midrash, Shabbat, Repentance, Kabbalah, Jewish Environmentalism, Prayer, and more!






2d Art Arts Workshops
Embark on a life-changing journey of spiritual and artistic discovery!
Since BCI's founding in 1941, the Arts have been a core component of the BCI experience. BCI's approach to the Arts is far from the arts & crafts you may have done at camp growing up. Our artists-in-residence are professionals and educators who will guide you through an intensive creative process and provide you with invaluable tools to find your own artistic voice.
At BCI, you will spend an hour and a half every day (except Shabbat) in your Arts workshop - dance, theatre, music, creative writing and visual arts. Over the course of your workshop, you will work on an artistic project to be presented to the entire BCI community at the end of the summer. This is an exciting event where everyone comes together and shares their original work.
In addition to your arts workshops, other creative opportunities may include filmmaking, cartooning, yearbook, and graphic design.


Free Time
sched 3 (img)During your afternoon free time you can swim in the pool, hike, rest, play basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, or softball, learn to read Hebrew, phone home, jog, wander, explore the library, learn how to read Torah, climb the adventure course, take optional classes, or just hang out... it's up to you!

6:15PM Flag Lowering/Avodat Halev




833 full Rikud (Israeli Dance)/Shira (Singing)

This time right after dinner is a time to come together to celebrate Israeli culture by singing and dancing together. No previous experience necessary! You may come to BCI knowing no Hebrew and with two left feet, but you'll leave humming Hebrew standards and dancing to both classic and modern Israeli choreography.



701 Evening Program
Evening programs include guest speakers and performers, campfires, small group discussions, overnight camping experiences, artist presentations, educational programs, social opportunities and more!